1. just coz ur a girl..

    <not stereotyping just want to express my thoughts> 

    just coz you’re a girl.. you’re the one who is always right and needs to be understood…

    and i on the other hand, am just a guy.. a person who can never be right and needs not to be understood…

    Girls are emotional, guys are not… but this doesn’t mean that we can never be hurt…

    lami-a i hilak..

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  3. thetravellersdaughter said: Wow! Kevin! You finally got yourself a tumblr! I know, it's kinda late. But... Welcome to tumblr! :)

    ahahaha.. dugai rman ko nag tumblr cyb.. krn rko ni active ug suway =D thanks 


  5. ♥ LovE as if yOu have not loved befOre ♥: baLitang maoy..


    paita sa mga tao mgpatakag storya nuh? kahibaw cla sa mga butang nga aku mismo wa kahibw.. amazing! biLib au ko sa chismis.

    NAGBUWAG og GAAWAY OG MAAU tungod sa BABAI were the exact words.

    damn! where the hell did you get that dude? get a life! don’t spread such rumors! as if you really knew…

    tama.. kapungaot jud.. mag himo ug sturyang butbot… 

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  7. dorisglenn05 said: so!!!!! hahaha..
    napansin na diay kag gurl run.. nyahahaha

    peace kevz!!

    ana… ahahah =D murag nka ingun kog.. atlast!! ahahah

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  9. While walking towards the road to catch a jeep…

    i passed by two girls…

    Girl 1: gwapo oh…

    Girl 2: uie, nganu gwapo man ka???

    me: … snob… =D

    <atlast naa gurls na mka recognize sa akong face… dili ra puro bayot.. ahahah.. akalain mo naman =D>

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  11. chinichinchin:

    i LOVE her.. she LOVES me..

    End of story.. :)

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  13. ♥ LovE as if yOu have not loved befOre ♥: 4D experience


    today, i’ve decided to finally “admit” my phone to the cellshop hoping they could fix it. Unfortunately, there is nothing they can do about it.. Damn. Ouch! tsk3.

    After being so hopeless, kevin & I decided to stroll around sm and suddenly, something caught our attention.

    Kevin: hala! naa na…

    haha.. got it ryt chin!… we had one heck of a day… my neck is still aching.. but i really had fun =D

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  15. tahtsmee:


    yaps.. tis me =D

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  17. hi just finding out wats all about tumblr..